Kalap Family

About Kalap

About the founder

Saptaparna, a housewife, whose days used to go by doing household chores. But something within her always wanted to do something out of the box and creative, and she did with the support from her husband and daughter. Saptaparna started designing sarees with no background in fashion, whatever she did was through her love for art.

Since then there was no turning back for her. Today, she is a proud owner of 4 stores of Kalap in Kolkata and way more to come!

Our Journey

Kalap was founded back in 2009. Since then it has been a roller coaster ride for us. It took a lot of hard work, challenges and even sleepless nights to get we are today.

I started this journey in my home. I fabric painted on sarees and started selling them to some family members and neighbours. Soon they started encouraging me to open a store and put this on display for everyone. I opened my first store at North Barasat in Kolkata. Within few years I opened another store at Hiland Park, Metropolis Mall and one at Dakshinapan Shopping Complex.

I was working on just sarees at that time, as Kalap was very popular for it own printing on the sarees, uncommon and unique. Out of curiosity, I started doing the same on blouses and kept matching sarees with it. The customer demand was huge and that’s when I realised that I should give my best for all the lovely women out there!

Kalap makes all the products by keeping everyones preferences in mind. We do our best to make every product that embraces the beauty from within.